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Why Hire a Professional to Wash Your Dr Phillips Roof?

It’s almost spring in Orlando, which means it is time to think about cleaning. While your to-do list may be long, you shouldn’t forget your roof. It was a cold winter with lots of rain and wind, leaving most roofs with leaves, pine needles, even mildew and black stains!

While you may have every intention of getting the ladder and cleaning supplies and head up onto the roof, it can be dangerous. It doesn’t matter if you have an asphalt or tile roof, between the debris that has accumulated, mold, and algae, the roof can be very slippery and hazardous. Don’t worry, the professionals at Schick Roofing have a solution. Not only will you have your roof cleaned, your home or business will look great, and your to-do list will be a little shorter.

Algae, Mold and Mildew

Those unsightly brown or green streaks on your roof are more than just dirt and pollution, they are algae and mold. Untreated mold is dangerous, not only to our family, but also our pets and property. Mold feeds off organic material and moisture, which is plentiful here in Central Florida, making it spread rapidly. Not only does it harm your roofing material, mold can easily creep down into your attic, fascia board, and even to your foundation.

It may be a good time to take a good look at your roof. If you notice any dark spots, don’t worry, just contact Schick Roofing for a professional cleaning before it gets worse.

If you are thinking about cleaning your own roof, remember too much pressure can do more harm than good. Not only damaging your roof, but yourself in the process, a wet roof is a slippery surface.

The professionals at Schick Roofing have the appropriate equipment and fully trained technicians. You will immediately notice a difference with our soft wash system that kills and removes any plant life.

Want the best looking roof on the block, contact Schick Roofing today for more information.