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The weather this time of year in Central Florida creates the perfect environment for mold to grow on your roof. Not only does it look unsightly, if the mold is allowed to go unchecked, it can cause damage and reduce the lifespan of the roof.

You may not even notice, but the hot, humid, and rainy conditions allow mold and algae to thrive. Growing quickly, taking hold of your roofing material, which start to rot because it remains damp.

Why you need your Dr Phillips/Windermere roof professionally cleaned


Your roof is a big investment, it can either add value to your home or business or take it away. It is something everyone sees when they drive past your property. Unsightly stains, mold, and debris, can make a home seem uninviting.

Stubborn Mold

Mold is stubborn, there is a lot more to it than just hosing down your roof. It takes a special solution to remove the mold without damaging the roofing material.

The Trouble With Mold

Mold can create health problems. Mold spores from the roof wash down after it rains and can easily be tracked into your home, causing a host of issues. Mold penetrates in the roofing materials, eroding asphalt shingles and rotting wood,

Mold Attract Insects and Rodents

There is nothing insects and rodents love more than damp rotting material. This inviting habitat is perfect for nesting and chewing. Causing serious damage to your home or business.

Mold Reduces the Life Span of Your Roof

The longer mold and moss are allowed to remain on a roof, the more damage it does. Slowly eating away, until the damage is irreparable, and you need a new roof, soon than you thought.

Take a Good Look at Your Roof

Has the heat and humidity in Central Florida taken a toll on your roof? While many home and business owners are choosing to replace their roof, others are opting to have their roof professionally cleaned.

Schick Roofing is a preferred Dr. Phillips and Southwest Orlando Roofing Contractor. We are now proud to offer our clients with our professional roof cleaning service.

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