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Orlando/Dr. Phillips Roof Repair, Inspection & Installation

Water, hail and wind damage, along with lack of maintenance are the major reasons why roofs fail in Orlando. Every year Central Florida residence have millions of dollars in roof damages due to thunderstorms. Much of this damage can be avoided with routine maintenance.

A simple maintenance plan in place can keep those repair bills to a minimum, extend the life of your roof, and even add value to your home.

Cleaning the Gutters are Important

To prevent water from becoming stagnant and leaking into your home it is essential to regularly drain and clean the gutters. It is an important step to maintaining your roof. The roof can easily become damaged it the gutters become clogged and rainwater backs up.

Repair any Damages before the Rain Season Starts

Our roofs endure a lot of stress and damage from the continuous exposure to direct sunlight and intense heat. Before the rainy season starts it is important to check the roofing membrane for any cracks and the sealants are in place.

Inspect Your Roof

Before Spring arrives, inspect your roof. Rain and strong winds can damage the roof, look for loose fascia boards, missing or broken shingles or tiles. If you suspect your roofing system has any damage, contact a professional service for repairs.

Inspect Lightning System

Central Florida is lightning the capital of the United states, from Tampa to Titusville is dubbed “Lightning Alley” by meteorologist. ¬†Lightning strikes can cause extensive roof damage, as wells as HVAC and electrical systems.

Hiring a Trusted Roofing Professional

As a leader in the industry, Schick Roofing can inspect your roof to determine the remaining life expectancy and assess how to accurately mitigate future leaks. We are proud to provide our customers with an honest and accurate assessment of their roof and suggest proper action. Our goal it to keep your roof functioning at its maximum potential throughout its service life.

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