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Orlando Roof Damage/Inspection After Hurricane Irma

If your roof is affected by Hurricane Irma it is important to use caution when doing inspections and repairs. Stay alert to unprofessional contractors who not only can take your money, they can do poor quality work that can end up costing more in the long run.

Unfortunately, this is the time ‘storm chasers’ or not so reputable roofing contractors to use misleading tactics to take advantage of those with storm damage. Making it all more important to use a local and a trustworthy roofing company to do any repairs on your roof.

National Roofing Contractors Association, “Homeowners and business owners should not attempt a roof system inspection if it cannot be performed from the ground level and should not attempt repairs on their own. Damage assessment of a roof system and subsequent repairs should be performed by a professional roofing contractor.”

Most wind damage begins on the edges of roof systems. When roofing material loosens, the wind’s suction can raise the material and the wind’s pressure can further push the material. Once the roof system’s underside is exposed, not only can rain can get in, but it also gives the wind more to grab, resulting in a peeling effect. Subsequent winds continue to push roofing material up and over a little more each time until an entire corner of the deck or insulation becomes exposed.

To Our Valued Clients in the Central Florida Area

With the uncertainty of the incoming storm, please know that Schick Roofing is hoping for the best for everyone!

In the event that we do sustain a hit from the hurricane, we will be offering the following services to assist those affected by the storm:

Roof tarping and minor roof repairs

Removal of hurricane debris from the roof and gutters

Visual inspections with photos for insurance submission
Estimates for major roof repairs or replacements as necessary

To schedule any of the above services, please give us a call at 407-749-0808, or email us at 
Our thoughts remain with all of you and your families for a safe weekend!