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Orlando, Dr Phillips Roofing Repairs & Replacement

A leaky roof in the Orlando area can cause a host of problems. With our intense rain storms we’ve had lately, small leaks can allow water to slowly seep into the attic space and cause significant damage before it is ever noticed. While on the outside the heat and humidity generates mold and mildew to grow, causing unsightly black streaks. Taking away from a home or businesses curb appeal.

These are things we hear all too often hear at Schick Roofing.

1Instead of waiting till your roof and home are in need of serious repairs, routinely check your roof for any warping. Inside the home or business be on the look out for any discoloration or water stains on the ceiling.

Dripping water typically causes white ceiling paint to turn brown, yellowish color,  and lead to peeling or blistering.

If you notice any changes in the roof or ceiling, you may want to check inside the attic. Or call a professional roofer, the quicker you take action, the less it will cost to repair.

Take a look in the attic

If you don’t notice any warping or paint discoloration, it is still a good idea to inspect the attic a few times a year. It may just take opening the attic and smelling a musty odor, seeing the sunlight peeping through, or you may need to shine a flashlight during a rainstorm to see water leaking from the roof.

As the old saying goes, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, this definitely rings true with roofs. It is worth taking a few extra steps to prevent leaks, extend the life of your roof, and add to the curb appeal.

Take a good look at the outside of your roof, inspect it for any missing or lifted shingles, exposed flashing, or shingles that have lost their asphalt graduals.