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Find a Reputable Dr Phillips Roofer Before the Next Big Storm

Rather than waiting till the next big storm or hurricane hits, a little preparation before can save a lot of headaches later.
Make sure you have the name of a quality and reputable roofing contractor you can trust, before the fly by night contracts blow into town.

Roof failures

Poor installation practices and lesser quality materials are typically why roofs fail or become vulnerable to tears and punctures from debris.

Membrane coverage is progressively lost when the perimeter securement fails, the attachment decking weakens, making it susceptible to resisting the load. The fact is, you won’t be able to prevent part or even the entire roof from coming off.

Roofs can be compromised by high winds, especially when fasteners succumb to corrosion.

The best thing is to have your roof inspected and even cleaned before the next big storm. Documenting the status of your roof, which is especially helpful if your roof is unexpectedly damaged during a storm. Identifying any weak spots, missing fasteners, voids, and make sure your roof is secure.

Reduce Your Electric Bill this Summer and Stay Cool!

Imagine how hot it is outside and double it, that’s hot it is in your attic.

A solar attic fan will reduce the temperature in the attic by removing the heat. This will allow your cooling system to use less energy and operate more efficiently. Which not only saves you money on your electric bills, your HVAC will need fewer repairs.

A poorly ventilated attic slows down this heat transfer, increasing the temperature of the shingles. This can cause buckling and premature deteriorating of the shingles. An attic fan removes the hot trapped air, allowing your roof to release the most amount of heat. The cooler your roof the more money you save and the longer the shingles will last.

Attic fans require that you cut a hole in the roof and install flashing around the fan so that leaks don’t occur. If you’re in the Orlando area, contact Schick Roofing. We can help you to decide if a solar powered attic fan is right for your home and give you a free quote for the project.